The Steak Story

Cattle is grass fed on the Argentine pampas
The meat of Che Latin Grill comes exclusively from young male calves, which feed themselves with the tender grass of the Argentine pampas. Through proper humidity, mild climate, rich soil and vast landscape makes the pampas ideal for breeding animals of the highest quality. The Argentine beef is distinguished from the rest because the cattle is fed with grass instead of grain.

10% less cholesterol and 25% less fat
The Argentine Black Angus cattle get more exercise which makes the meat not only taste better, but also contains 10% less cholesterol and 25% less fat. The cattle live on pasture where virtually no fertilizers or pesticides are used. Where the cows live the food is 100% natural.

The meat is not frozen
The meat is not frozen, but vacuum packed and shipped refrigerated, therefore it can mature without losing valuable moisture. The journey from the pampas to our restaurant takes four to six weeks. During that time the meat reaches its optimum taste. When preparing in the restaurant salt and chimichurri oil is added to the meat. The meat is finally on a hot fire ‘flash grilled‘ and turned over only once. Our steaks are grilled to your choice : Rare, medium or well done.

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